Email Marketing

My Digital Midlands can carefully craft an email template with relevant information, then work with you to adjust all future mail’s according to interest and open rate. It is good to have an enticing title as well as a reason for the potential customer to open the email – such as attaching a freebie to the email or a money off coupon. Whatever works. Imagine yourself as the customer.

My Digital Midlands has been working on email marketing projects with various clients. These can also be done for your business.

Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with your clients, and it can also work well with Google Ads (PPC). Templates can be designed to fit your requirements, and in return you also get the required statistical results to suggest how successful your campaign can be.

Please note – My Digital Midlands has worked with both entirely organic email lists as well as purchased lists. Purchased lists can be a real danger of being non-GDPR compliant, so your list will need to be ‘cleaned’ if purchased. We can help you with this, but there will be extra cost involved if a third-party is required.

More detail on marketing campaigns will be put here shortly along with a gallery of templates for current clients.

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