Paid Search & Organic Marketing Campaigns

Organic And PPC Google ads

We can assist with paid search marketing campaigns for Google Ads (Remarketing & Pay Per Click), Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram and Snapchat.

It is important to note that often people race for the prize when it comes to posting on social networks – thinking that by posting daily, frequently, you will automatically build an audience and increase sales. This isn’t true. You have to be a bit more strategic and tactical.

Each social network has its own audience, age range, gender and other attributes. Investigating these vs the audience you wish to target for your campaign is of ultimate importance, as well as the wording which you use when you post. It needs to be relatively consistent with your other sites and social media, as well as be enticing enough for the person to click it. A bit like ‘click bait’.

All networks have their own sizes and dimensions when it comes to designing graphics – which will take time to design these, but if you have a campaign and want to maximise the social view and interaction, it is important that all assets are designed and sized accordingly.

Then you have the roles of various networks. Twitter is used more as a promotional tool to spread the word and can work well as a customer service tool. Facebook is more of a communication tool but needs to be setup accordingly. Instagram is more of a visual tool, which will work great if a lot of your shareable content is of a visual nature – such as images, sound or video. Video tends to really engage users, but Instagram hosts bite-size versions rather than full-on Youtube pages so there is a different. You could use Instagram to spread a 10 second video which then links to Youtube to see the full one in effect – centred around a branded page to reflect your business.

LinkedIn is more for professionals, so if you are promoting Lighting design for various applications (such as schools, swimming pools, colleges, universities), you will want to hit with CEOs and higher level staff members of each institution – of which a carefully crafted and targeted LinkedIn Ad can do.

Snapchat is more for the younger generation, so if your product is selling something which identifies more with school kids or teenagers – Snapchat is a great place to promote your wares.

PInterest is just like a clipboard of collections of visual content which can help if you sell similar product to someone else and which to showcase that along with your own ideas.

Each network has its own demographic. See below for an infographic on social media demographics:

6 Social Media Demographics for Marketers by Sprout Social

If you wish to work with My Digital Midlands on a Social Media campaign or add an presence to your website, or even just checkup on your existing campaigns – feel free to get in touch.


My Digital Midlands has worked with various clients on campaigns, such as Halfords Autocentres, music promoters and various other marketing clients. Examples of these are below.

Campaign assets need to be designed to fit the structures of the various networks as well as deliver the clearest message to engage your audience to become potential customers. So it is important that for which ever network you use, the profile is setup correctly and uses words that you have set aside to the campaign. This way Google will pick up on it relatively quickly.

My Digital Midlands can work with you on an agreed design brief, then adapt all visuals accordingly once the idea has been agreed and finalized.